• what i love about making jewellery is the creativity - i love the inspiration of a random find or sighting - perhaps it is wondering down the street and seeing a colour combination that i had never thought of, or finding a new stone that i have not used before..

    what is interesting for me now is how this has expanded over the last couple of years. i am finding myself more and more interested in working with different mediums, perhaps finding interesting pieces of metal and finding new ways of using them. or - even more recently, and still in its infant stages, working with mixing paper and metals.

    oh - and i also love food. making food. eating food. reading about food. i'll probably share a little about my adventures here as well.

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It’s not often that you discover a flavour combination that surprises you. Or a way of preparing ingredients where the final result is a revelation, but tonight we had some fun preparing mofongo with a seafood stew. The recipe is loosely based on this blog entry here from the Noshery, but I made a few changes. … Continue reading

XO with smoky goodness!

I’ve been enjoying our new Yoder smoker, a fabulous all-day cooking adventure that leaves you with a small mountain of beautiful smoked meats for the freezer. We’ve been enjoying learning about some of the classic dishes – smoked ribs, pork belly, pork butt and beef short ribs.  But I wanted to try something new. While … Continue reading

adventures with leftovers…

so it’s 2013… and i am now finished my study leave and back at work. one of the things that i noticed when i was on study leave was how hard it was to get into a routine and cook well – travelling around so much without my usual supplies and kitchen, and then when … Continue reading

inspiration from singapore – part 2

the first two pieces that i made after i returned from my trip were very simple, just testing that i remembered how to use my tools, and taking advantage of the natural beauty of the stones that i had available. but while i was away i designed some more elaborate pieces that tried to bring … Continue reading

inspiration from singapore

so now i am back home, after a couple of months in singapore, sydney, singapore again and then the US. i had a great time while i was away, and it was very useful for my work. the major problem that i had while i was away, however, was that i couldn’t do either of … Continue reading

new beads!

so yesterday i went down to arab street and haji lane to visit my favourite bead store. i love this area, so many fun little designer stores, mixed right in with the old style rug stores and middle eastern restaurants. one of the things that i love about haji lane is the way that they … Continue reading

nom.. nom.. nom….

singapore. food. there’s not much else to it really – great food, of so many cultures, usually with some extra chilli in there somewhere. i’ve had some great food while i’ve been here for my first week, and it is a good time of year to be here – CNY celebrations are happening in the … Continue reading

a running tour of singapore…

so for some reason, every time i am in singapore, i feel like running. i think it is a combination of the warmth and humidity (i, and my lungs, hate running in the cold), and that i am frequently staying on the river in the quay areas. there is something beautiful about running alongside the … Continue reading

in singapore!

so I am now on SSP and in singapore. such a beautiful place, and one that i am quite fond of. i have spent a reasonable amount of time in singapore over the past few years, but this visit is somewhat different – i’ll get to explore the city more, and not have to rush … Continue reading

natural stones…

i have written before about my favourite beading store in singapore – lots of semi-precious and natural stones. as well as selling supplies, they also feature beautiful necklaces made by local artists using their materials. i find these very inspiring – they are often very complicated, large, feature pieces, with combinations of texture and materials … Continue reading