my first creation

i had never really taken much interest in making my own jewellery until Nick gave me a beading kit as a present from one of his conference trips. It was a beautiful japanese pearl and crystal necklace kit found in of all places Copenhagen.

and it all started from there… what i love about making jewellery is the creativity. i don’t tend to buy kits, but instead i love the inspiration of a random find or sighting – perhaps it is wondering down the street and seeing a colour combination that i had never thought of, or finding a new stone that i have not used before..

what is interesting for me now is how this has expanded over the last couple of years… i am finding myself more and more interested in working with different mediums, perhaps finding interesting pieces of metal and finding new ways of using them.. or – even more recently, and still in its infant stages, working with mixing paper and metals, and paintings…

2 Responses to “my first creation”
  1. Alicia says:

    Lovely to see you in the blog world Katrina! Just watch out – blogging can get addictive 😛

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