what to do with beautiful pink pearls…

usually when i am in a bead store i am searching for the final missing parts of creations that exist in my head, perhaps it is a particular colour combination that i am trying to complete or maybe i am searching for something very specific, a particular colour, size, shape, shine, feeling…. when Nick travels he often tries to find a local bead store, searching for something interesting to bring home to me. it’s a lot of fun working with stones that i haven’t selected myself, and trying to come up with a plan for them that works. this is also quite challenging, and it can sometimes take me months, even years before i find the right way to use them

a year or so ago Nick brought home a small box of pink pearl beads with wooden and plastic beads in the same shade. it was the wooden beads that made it for me, a slightly darker pink that prevented the beads from being too classic, too marge simpson. i finally found a good combination for them, mulling over possible projects at an art creation day with friends – unakite. unakite is a form of granite, combining pink feldspar, green epidote and quartz. beautiful, but also sitting around in my bead collection waiting to be used.

2 Responses to “what to do with beautiful pink pearls…”
  1. Alicia says:

    I think that is a lovely colour combination – you definitely have an eye for colour.

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