starting a new project

so since i started my blog here i have also started talking to friends about working together to create some beading pieces. i really like the idea of working with other people, particularly people i know well, to design and create a piece of jewellery. it helps me think of different designs and combinations that wouldn’t work for me, or that i just wouldn’t think of.

so now i have a new project, which i am just starting to put together some ideas for. i was recently in singapore, so now have a new supply of onyx, and other semi precious stones, so now is the perfect time to start something new. the brief so far, is a combination of red and black, maybe something multi strand. that’s quite open, so i’m going to come up with a few ideas and see where it takes us.

my first idea is to take some old red glass beads and faceted glass beads and mix them with some black onyx beads and some matt coco black beads. this could work well as a pattern for a multi strand necklace. but i also have some links of silver link chain that i think would work well too, bundled up in between beads or sequences of beads. then there is another idea i had for making a single strand necklace with the centre piece, a sequence of silver wire beads…

not sure of anything yet, so if you have any thoughts please let me know!

One Response to “starting a new project”
  1. Stani says:

    I really like those beads! There is contrast on so many different levels: color, texture, size, shape… something really interesting could come out of it! I also really like the idea of a multi-strand necklace, maybe asymmetrical somehow. Maybe even alternating strands of color, although that could be terribly boring, not sure

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