tiger eye…

i love working with agate and tiger eye. they have such warmth, and such variation in the different pieces. so when i was in singapore recently, i stopped by my favourite bead store on arab street to see what they had in stock. i had to wait a few hours for them to open, but that wasn’t a problem. a few extra hours wondering around the small local designer shops in haji lane and eating falafel at Cafe Le Caire is never a hardship

once i was finally in the store though i found new stock in tiger eye: shards, small beads, pendants, etc. i came up with an idea for strands of small tiger eye beads wound around and through a beautiful pendant that i found – i think it is probably a form of jasper but i’m not sure. it was quite heavy so i had to find some interesting ways of threading the strands around each other to hold it in shape, but i think i have come up with something that still looks a little minimal in terms of interference

so sitting around, having some art time with a dear friend yesterday, i decided to see if it would work. i think i may have to shorten the final strands that weave out of the pendant, but overall it’s not a bad first attempt.


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