adventures in baking part one

so i received a wonderful gift at christmas last year – a copy of the bread bible, which i am sure readers would agree is a fantastic, if not the best, resource for learning how to bake bread.

i’m not a frequent baker. i love to cook, and i love bread, but somehow those two have rarely combined themselves in my kitchen. more recently, however, we have started making pizzas at home using either dough that Nick has made, or organic dough from the local supermarket. this has been fun, and also much nicer than most delivery pizza.

so armed with my copy of the bread bible, i decided it was time to overcome my fear of dough. and that was when the problems started! my first attempt worked out quite well, all things considered. i thought i had followed the instructions word for word, until i realised half way through the first rising period that i had forgotten to add salt! so in it went, a quick knead and back on for a second rise. but it turned out ok, topped with leftover zucchini and chorizo. a little toasty around the edges, as i probably rolled it out too thin, and it stuck a little – a hint of problems to come!

my next two batches were problem children. the first of these stuck like a maniac, and i had again rolled it out too thin. tasted fine – or at least the bits you could salvage did! the second of these was basically identical.

but the third! perfect! i followed wise instructions to line the tray with polenta – perhaps more than a necessary scattering, and was very careful to not follow my obvious leaning towards the ultimate thin crust. this is it at the half way point, just ready to be topped. the topping this time was a mixture of leftover roast potato, quince and apple – an accompaniment to last night’s roast pork belly, inspired by another friend’s recent cooking adventures.

and this is my collection of scraping tools to scare it into submission

One Response to “adventures in baking part one”
  1. Alicia says:

    Hehe – glad you figured it out! I think those scraping tools would scare any pizza into submission.

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