surprises from small packages

sometimes i find beautiful things that i just cannot think of anything to do with. this collection was an example – a beautiful little box of brightly coloured lampwork glass beads. it must be the magpie in me that attracted me to them, bright, shiny, odd!

i tried threading them as a simple necklace, but it somehow seemed to dilute their beauty. what had attracted me to them was that particular look that the beads had all cluttered up together, the clash of colours and sizes.

it took me ages, and some experiments in pendant making to inspire me to turn these into a series of dangle pendants (i’m sure they have a particular name, but unknown to me). i love the way that they all mix in together. certainly brightens up my day!

i’ve been working on a similar pendant mixing turquoise beads with copper and coral shards. i think it’s just about right now


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