starting a new project part two

after a big week at work, i finally have some time to myself today. so i’ve done some garden work, although i did the fun stuff (planting) and ignored the boring stuff (weeding). that can happen another weekend.

i’ve also had some time to think about my new project for stani. i’ve had an idea of taking a specific pattern of beads, and then repeating that pattern, swapping colours, and swapping beads across two or three strands. kind of like making a patchwork necklace, with the patches reversed in colour, and in direction. they’ll be offset somewhat in each strand, with some odd bits, like the twisted onyx beads thrown in for some fun.

so i’ve matched up the flat red glass and flat black onyx beads as the starting pattern. the faceted glass is a bit more of a problem, the matt wooden beads that i had matched with those are really too small, so i’ll have to pop back to the bead store and pick up some larger ones – then i think they’ll give a good contrast. i’m also going to make the distance between the strands larger than is in the picture, which means i can fit in some more patches.

at the moment i’m thinking of having three strands coming out of a single main strand, probably with these fairly chunky onyx nuggets.

this is what i’m thinking of for the clasp. but i’m not sure, perhaps it is too elaborate for something like this. maybe i should go for something simpler like a plain, but chunky hook.

i’m a little tempted to add a bead that doesn’t quite fit, like a silver wire ball, or a large red pendant, but that might be pushing it too far. so let me know what you think – is this too much? i can do something simpler if you prefer!

4 Responses to “starting a new project part two”
  1. Juliette says:

    How long have you been doing the beading? Until recently, I hadn’t realised it was one of your hobbies.

    • Hi Juliette!

      I haven’t been doing this long, maybe 3-4 years? Although when I first started, I didn’t really do very much., maybe a couple of pieces a year. It took me a couple of years to really build my style and work out some of the techniques so that I could move from a design in my head to actual creating something.

      It’s something I’d like to do more of now, which is I guess part of why I started this blog. Gives me a bit of incentive to record how and why I am doing things, and also record some of the new bead finds that I make.

      Although I am very lucky, in that with the help of friends and family (and work trips!), that I can source my beads from many places in the world, this sometimes means that I forget where I have got something from, or I forget the exact stone type. I’m going to start posting that kind of info here, which hopefully will also mean that my friends will prod me with new ideas for combinations 🙂

  2. Stani says:

    My initial thoughts would be that i love the patchwork idea! Typically I would go for something simpler, but the more I look at it, the more I have to question myself – beads in general give a more “busy” look, it’s just a by-product of the medium. Also i am really curious to see what it would look like spaced apart a bit more, as that would reduce the impact.

    Another thought I also had was about the faceted red beads. I am not sure if it is the photograph or not, but they seem really bright, almost like the highlights of the necklace. I love them in the two inner strands, but i am a bit unsure about the edges of the outer strand. I’d almost consider replacing those with black beads to create some depth… like shadows fading into the background, leaving the middle ones to come forward. Just an idea though, to be honest I don’t think i have a clue >< haha!

  3. Thanks Stani – and thanks for the discussion last night. I really like our new idea, still blending in the patchwork idea, but a little less busy. Hopefully I will be able to have a go at some new photos of how this would look soon. (I have the new beads I needed now!)

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