adventures in baking part two

so after my pizza extravaganza, i was inspired to try something a little more challenging. well, challenging for me, that is. it’s not as if i haven’t made bread before, but i have never really been comfortable with it – i just don’t seem to have a natural feel for it. however, with the Bread Bible in hand, and its detailed instructions specifically for my sturdy KitchenAid, i think this is going to change.

so my first post-pizza attempt was prosciutto bread – fairly easy, or so my friend had said, when she pulled her loaves out of the oven a few days earlier. i happened to have a prosciutto end in my fridge, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try something new. can i just say how much i love my KitchenAid! it makes things so easy – you just have to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t walk off of the bench top, particularly with this bread as it is quite a stiff dough.

what i love about this recipe is that it is so quick. just pop the ingredients in the kitchen aid, mix and knead for the required amount of time, and then shape and rest. that’s it – goes straight into the oven after that point, so no waiting around for a day and a half, smelling that beautiful dough smell, waiting for something to eat!

mine came out quite brown, but from the pictures that i have seen of other people’s attempts, i think it is meant to be. it is glazed with bacon fat, so i guess that helps that process somewhat. i had it for dinner with a spice roasted pumpkin (thanks again, Stani, for the idea!) and then nibbled on the rest of the loaf for the next few days.. definitely great for breakfast!

i think my next challenge will have to be something a little more difficult. i can’t keep choosing the easy recipes! any suggestions of favourite breads?

3 Responses to “adventures in baking part two”
  1. Stani says:

    OMG that looks fantastic! Now i’m hungry :(. Why don’t you try a ciabata next? It’s a bit more rising time, and you have to make a starter… that could be more of a challenge.

  2. Ciabata could be good, and I’ll have some more time to play around in the kitchen soon. I’ve never made a starter before, so I’ll have to read up on it and see whether I am up to it 🙂
    Any hints?

    • Stani says:

      The starter is dead easy, I don’t even think you can get it wrong! As for the bread itself, one tip that i have only discovered recently is to not be scared of having a fairly wet dough. It seems to rise better in the oven.

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