so many vegetables!

so the only problem with getting a box of vegetables delivered each week is that you have to find ways to eat all of it. this is usually not a problem except for when i miss some meals at home, like i did this week.. too many work dinners, and a couple of lunches out, and suddenly my fridge is full!

so after bringing my new box of food home tonight, i realised that i had to take drastic steps. it was time to clear the fridge and cook up everything i could to freeze for future weeks. here, apart from a few other items, like the pimento peppers already in the oven, is what i started with

you’ll notice the fat yak helping with my food choices.

so, first on the agenda was to get the rest of those potatoes chopped up and in the oven. my plan was to make some lunches out of roasted potatoes, spinach stir fried with garlic and the pimento peppers.

then it was time to actually make my dinner – a salad of celery, fennel, parsley and pomegranate seeds

after roasting the pimento peppers, i stuffed them with some breadcrumbs, capers, olives, sundried tomatoes (see, they do have a use!) and parsley.

and a carrot dip, with cumin, harissa, and garlic.

while i had the oven going, i thought i would use up a couple more ingredients with a ratatouille-inspired ratatouille. now it is time to sit around and maybe drink another beer. and not have to worry about lunches for at least another week!


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