blue, green and messing around with wire…

so a year or so ago i saw a beautiful necklace in a shop window combining green and blue glass beads, mixed with some copper and brown-ish, amber-ish glass to offset it. i really liked this combination, and it inspired me to start looking for interesting beads to create something similar.

i have a love for turquoise, and so had a few pieces from my trips to Singapore that i wanted to use. i also had found two gorgeous indian glass foil beads in a blue-green shade at a local store – it’s unusual to find this shade, so i grabbed them at the time even though i had no real plans for them.

last year in Linz, i found the rest of the beads for this necklace, some turquoise nugget beads, some wire beads in green and copper, two glass mottled brown beads, and some fabric beads in brown. i really like the mixture of textures and colours in this necklace.

this trip to Linz also represented a new opening for me as it was the first time that i had used wire beads.

i’ve become more and more interested in this technique – i love the way the you can create new shapes, and i’m interested in learning how to wire wrap beads. this design, by, is a good example of what i would like to do – one day, when i have the skills!

i’m starting to learn how to make wire wrapped pendants at the moment, practicing my swirls and wire control – hopefully i’ll have something good enough to post soon!


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