starting a new project part three

so over a couple of glasses of sparkling last night, Stani and i discussed our project. we both liked the idea of the patchwork theme, blending in different sections of beads across multiple strands, but we wanted to try something a little simpler.

the beads that i had been waiting for were delivered last week – replacements for the matt, small black beads. i think these new ones blend in better in terms of size, but they still have the contrast in texture. here is what i have come up with – it’s simpler, still multiple strand, but with gradually adding different patches of colour as you go down.

my thoughts at the moment are that i could go a fourth strand (if i have enough beads!), with some of the brighter red beads on the left hand side to help balance it out. in some sections i have blended the two different kinds of black beads and red beads – not sure if the red blending works. well, let’s be honest – i don’t think it does.

i also haven’t used any of the larger accent onyx beads that i had before. let’s see if this is maybe too simple!

i’m not which of these i prefer. i like my designs to be quite big in mixing colour and texture, so this one seems quite simple. in some ways, i feel that it is missing the silver link that i had in the past version, but in other ways, i quite like the look of the beads in larger, continuous sections. but then again – this one is not for me… đŸ™‚


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