blue and white porcelain…

i have always loved the look of these style of beads, and came across some beautiful examples in, of all places, linz, austria. linz is an amazing town – quite small, but has a lot of hidden secrets. i imagine a lot of people visit for the cliched tourist attractions, the linzertorte, the danube – and although these are good, it is not the real reason to visit linz!

linz is a little town filled with art and creativity, walking through the cobbled streets, i was amazed by the range of arty stores and displays – so many designers, artists and creative people gathered in one spot. linz is also home to the ars electronica centre and the lentos museum of modern art, along with several others. i would definitely go back there and could see myself spending a long time talking with the local craftspeople.

but back to the beads…

i guess i shouldn’t really be surprised to find these in linz, due to the long history and popularity of blue and white porcelain imports to europe, and then their local adoption in the 18th/19th century. i had seen some like this before in singapore and hong kong, but never ones of the size that i wanted. on my last trip back to singapore, of course, there they were, but i had already found them in linz and created this bracelet, combined with moonstone beads.


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