black and red…

after a few false starts, and quite a bit of dithering, i finally worked out why i was not happy with my earlier project plans. i think i had two (and maybe more) projects that i was trying to blend together. not working, obviously. i was also trying far too hard to use some particular beads that had been hanging around in my collection for a couple of years, but they just didn’t work.

so i spent some time this weekend sketching out some designs, and trying to clarify what i wanted each piece to look like. this is turning into a collection of red and black pieces, exploring different bead tones and natural products:wood, metal, glass and semi-precious stones. i’ve completed two pieces, and have a couple more planned out, so hopefully i’ll be able to complete those this weekend!

the first piece is intended to be for stani (but we will see whether she likes it!). it is simpler than some of our earlier designs; still involving the core themes of red, black and silver, but with some richer tones produced by a combination of red kenyan glass beads, black onyx nuggets and beads and silverwork beads.

i also really like the clasp, although i can claim no credit for this ๐Ÿ™‚

the second piece is closer to the original design, with some key changes. i simplified the thread transition, so it was a cleaner design of three strands. i also replaced the red faceted glass beads with red wooden beads, as i think they match the tone better and give better contrast. i also mixed the design up more, relying less on the pattern between the beads, and using more larger onyx beads to make it more interesting and less busy.

i quite like this now, although i think it looks a little cluttered in the photos – when it is on, the strands seem to be spaced better, which stops it from being so dense.

i still have a couple of designs on the go with this theme, one that actually uses those faceted red beads, but with less contrast in the other colours, and one that builds upon the natural matt tone of some of these beads, combining some more colours, and some different textures with lava beads. we’ll see how the designs change as i put them together ๐Ÿ™‚


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