when i discovered the beauty of glass

i had been working with semi-precious stones for a couple of years before i discovered the first glass beads that i loved. and things have just exploded from there: glass, metal, wire, fabric, wood, stone, shell, …   i love seeing how different textures and tones work together.

this is a piece that reflects that discovery – after my first visit to linz, i created this necklace combining chinese porcelain beads, chinese knots, glass beads and plastic strips. i loved the light in the glass beads, and the way that it works with other textures.

one thing that i have been musing over recently is how dependent i am on particular supply stores. they are not necessarily convenient, either. i buy most of my semi-precious stones in singapore, and most of my glass and new materials in linz. luckily there is a local store in adelaide which is importing new bead stocks, currently they have a lot of african supplies, wooden beads and kenyan glass. so i have been exploring etsy for suppliers – there are some great suppliers here, and one of the nice things is that i can find very unusual items, always great for inspiration.

i’m also thinking about getting into making my own beads – i love learning new ways of creating colour, and i think there is also a bit of tech lust associated with getting my own kiln. but i have a few things on my list already, like mastering wire wrapping and making my own wire beads. perhaps 2012!

2 Responses to “when i discovered the beauty of glass”
  1. Emily says:

    Fantastic stuff you are making! I’ll have to take you to the bead shop literally 50m from my house next time you visit.

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