a first attempt with wire…

art days are a great way to spend time on a weekend. it’s not just about the art – some keen friends gather together, we eat great food, drink good wine, and work, usually individually, but sometimes together on art projects. we all have different styles and mediums, some of us paint, some draw, some make jewellery and when we are lucky, we can put our heads together to solve problems.

this last sunday was a good art day for me. i wasn’t sure it would be at the start, as i had too many projects buzzing around in my head beforehand. so i hadn’t prepared myself properly to work on just one or two pieces. instead, i decided to have a go at learning some new techniques. possibly doomed to fail, and to spend the whole day frustrated, but with the hope of something new.

my first attempt was a beaded wire lace necklace using pink rose, and sage green wire lace threaded with unakite beads. i had expected this to be the easy part of the day, but i have never had so much trouble with one necklace! the problem was simple really – threading the wire lace through the holes in the beads. one too large and the other too small. but we got there in the end. only a few moments with my head on my hands.. i’m still working on tidying up the ends, and will post here once finished.

the rest of the time was more fun. i decided to have a go at wire wrapping some beautiful semi precious stones that i had purchased over the years. this was my first go at using semi soft wire, and i was not at all confident that i would figure out how to make it work. i started with a simple top drilled stone that i wanted to turn into a pendant, with a simple design of a loosely wrapped wire ending with a single spiral.

the second piece was a little more complex, and a little more free form in the design. i wasn’t really sure where i wanted to start, but i knew that i wanted to wrap around the bead, using a couple of spirals for decoration and leaving to pendant area a little lighter.

i’m fairly happy with the results. not all of the lines are as smooth as they should be, but they have the design and style that i was after. so now i am invigorated! ready to use this new technique in more complex designs and in more of my pieces.


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