a relaxing weekend

i always like to do something fun on a friday night, because then when i wake up on saturday morning i feel like the weekend has already started and i still have two whole days left. this weekend was off to a great start – home to a beautiful meal, and some time relaxing with great friends. nick had prepared a porchetta in the weber, so it was a warming winter meal of roast meat and potatoes, with salsa verde and a little persimmon salad.

i love porchetta, but it was only as i was eating this on friday night that i realised how long it had been since we had cooked one. it also reminded me of the time we spent in greve last year – saturday morning in the town square for their weekly market, eating crunchy bread rolls stuffed with porchetta cut straight from the rotisserie. of course, the one we made was just a little smaller than what they roasted in greve.

the markets in europe were fantastic. typically not as large as the central markets here – or at least not in the towns that i visited – but with a fantastic range, and a strong focus on fresh, local produce. the markets in italy were very traditional. town squares taken over by a stream of little stalls, selling everything from local (and not so local) crafts and beautiful fresh produce.

the markets we found in spain were quite different. generally open all week, and often all night, they blended the selling of fresh, local produce, with good, local tapas. perhaps the best example is the Mercado de San Miguel near the Plaza Mayor. what makes this market so wonderful is that almost every stall sells tapas as well as their produce, starting from early morning and running through to early morning. topped off with a champagne bar on one side, and a vermouth bar on the other, it was not difficult to find a little something to eat in between meals.

but back to the weekend… saturday disappeared in a blur – shopping, cooking, napping, i think i must have needed some extra sleep. but sunday was lovely – art day at stani’s, some time to create and work on some projects, watch a film i had not seen in years – the fly, much more gruesome than i remembered – and some lovely food with friends.

what is it about horror movies that makes us so fascinated? i have to admit to watching parts of this film through my fingers, but even then i didn’t really want to miss anything. i don’t like watching horror films that much, but once i start watching….


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