a present for alicia…

last art day i spent some time working on a necklace for my friend alicia, maker of cupcakes, reader of zombie comics, and one of the strongest people that i know. alicia had previously commented on the colour combinations in the necklace i had made combining unakite and pink pearls. i initially thought to make something fairly similar, but after not being able to find quite the right combinations, and with some clever suggestions from nick, i was inspired to try something new.

browsing through my local bead store last weekend, we found some pink rose and sage green wire lace that would match well with the unakite and would balance the natural colours of that stone. this seemed like a great idea – something a little whimsical, but balanced by the earthiness of stone.

wire lace looks deceptively easy – you thread the beads on and ta da, you have a necklace. and for the majority of cases i guess that is the case. but this one caused me some headaches – trying to master the technique of threading a lose ribbon through a tiny hole! i shouldn’t complain really. it was only difficult because i was trying to thread two wires through my stones, and many of these stones were drilled for standard beading wire.

i originally made it quite small, designed as a choker. however, I wanted it to be more flexible than that, so i have created an extension using a double clasp, using semi-soft silver wire to wrap the ends to give it a more even finish. i think i’d like to try some other combinations of semi-soft wire wrapped through wire ribbon, as i like the combination of textures it produces… i’ll have to see whether that goes somewhere…

One Response to “a present for alicia…”
  1. Alicia says:

    I love it! Thank you so much Katrina – now I need to buy a special top to go with it so I can show it off 🙂

    I can’t wait to wear it – yay!

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