a weekend in the kitchen and at the bbq… part two

so while we were getting ready for our bbq adventure, with nick and realising that we would be spending the day in the kitchen, we decided to try some other new recipes. if you have been reading those posts you would know that i’ve been devoting some time to the art of baking. mostly bread, but i’ve had a go at some steamed buns and some puddings as well.

but i’ve definitely been taking some easy options – simple breads, no starters and some simple batter based puddings.

with so much time to spare while waiting for the pork to cook, i thought it was worth trying something a little more complicated. the basic hearth bread from the bread bible appeals to me – a good foundation in the processes and a basic dough that can be used to make several other breads. we started the night before by making the sponge and gently layering the flour on top. rather than the minimum one hour resting time i wanted to give it some more time to develop flavour, so after the one hour we popped it into the fridge, next to the salted pork, to slowly develop.

then it was onto multiple stages of kneading, folding and resting – waiting for that final texture ready to bake. i love the smell of dough, and then the smell of baking bread – such a rewarding way to spend a holiday.

while this was underway, i decided to have a go at a classic: claudia roden’s orange and almond cake. beautiful boiled oranges straight from food connect made into – hopefully! – a lovely moist cake. i love cakes like this, dense with lovely intense citrus flavours.

One Response to “a weekend in the kitchen and at the bbq… part two”
  1. Stani says:

    Omg! The bread looks phenomenal! Good job!

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