party time!

a good party is one that you look forward to for weeks, and then remember for weeks later; little moments and conversations floating to the surface of your memory at random times, making you smile and laugh. last weekend was a birthday party with some of my dearest friends and some lovely new people to meet. and i still have the songs from karaoke bouncing around in my head…

so of course when you have a party to go to, you also have a great excuse to create a new piece of jewellery to go with it. i wanted to use some of the new beads that nick had brought back for me from linz, some gorgeous floaty hollow glass beads and some indian glass, along with some heavy, solid lava beads and african wooden beads that i had found locally.

sometimes i think that when you have stunning, handmade beads that they can get lost when you thread them on as a single strand. it almost seems like you need to make a big enough statement to draw attention to them. what i am trying with this necklace is to draw the eye to the berry-like collection of beads at the centre, hoping that the intensified contrast of the bead styles will make them stand out as individuals.if that makes sense…

this is now one of my favourite pieces, and a style that i think i will try again. i love how every time i try out something new, i get new ideas.

one thing i have realised through keeping this blog is how eclectic my style is. i have been browsing some etsy stores (fabulous stuff), and tag surfing my way through other wordpress sites for jewellery creators, and many people have a consistent theme or technique that they use. perhaps it is that i haven’t found mine yet. but what i think it is is that what i really like is learning and trying new things. what is fun for me is to try new combinations, new techniques, and playing around.

One Response to “party time!”
  1. Stani says:

    Wow… How could i not have noticed it?? I love it! I must have been way too stressed, and you did have your awesome jacket on. I have to agree with you, this is probably the prettiest necklace yet!

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