for my sister….

awww… actually, my sister and i have a great history of giving each other presents. we may miss a birthday or christmas, or even two, but when we do get together we generally find gifts that really suit eachother. i think we have quite a lot in common, but we also spent several years sharing a room, which must embed some understanding of eachother’s personalities!

so when my sister suggested that i could make her something, i was very happy – it would be fun to create something special that would suit my sister. so i enlisted nick to pick up some special beads from his last trip to linz – we discussed the theme, and the style of beads that i wanted, but i really left it up to him, as they always have slight changes in their stock – and he does have great taste. so really, this is a present from both nick and myself. i also picked up some extra pieces from singapore that i thought would contrast nicely with the typical linz style.

so here it is, a relatively simple piece that combines repeated beads with an off centre design, using a combination of black pieces, including some blown glass beads, woven fabric, black matt and polished glass, from linz, and wire column beads from singapore. i have one each of these pieces leftover, which i quite like as it means that my sister and i will be linked through the pieces that we wear – assuming, of course, that she ever wears it!

i finished it off with some smaller black beads, to make joining the clasp easier, and the wire wrapped the crimps to make them a little more substantial.

One Response to “for my sister….”
  1. Julie says:

    Hey – So first off – I totally love the necklace – can’t wait to wear it!! As far as our relationship goes – I have actually thought about this a lot. I don’t know how much Mum talked to you about when you were really young, but Mum had toxemia during her pregancy with you. In fact for a while it was touch and go as to whether either of you would make it. I was in my last year of primary school then (I had just turned 11) and because she was so sick, I did a lot to help her out. I often got up to give you your late night/early morning feeding, helped bathe you in the morning before going off to school. I also remember coming home from school those days and Mum was often asleep in her room. I would wait there for a minute to make sure she was breathing and then I would go take care of you – my favorite was feeding you the pureed apricots, although I think I ate as much of them as you did!! So I think we were very close early on because of that – it makes an unbreakable bond. Then of course I left home and between melbourne and then the USA, I couldn’t get home often. Over that time, I really came to know you as an adult and not just my baby sister and I always think that even if we were not related, we would be friends – you are an amazing woman and I really admire you and what you have accomplished. I am proud to have you as my sister and my friend.


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