a very, very quiet month…

so i haven’t been around much over the past month or two.. it’s been an odd couple of months, a little boring and a little frustrating, but mostly just quiet. about a month ago, i lost full sight in my left eye. quite strange. probably happened over a period of a week or so, but i don’t think i noticed it straight away. so after hours of sitting in optometrists’ chairs, trying to read the top line, i was finally diagnosed with central serious retinopathy. sounds a little sinister and scary, but actually it’s kind of lame.

turns out i have this weird eye condition where you occasionally get a fluid swelling under your retina, which stops you from seeing. but they don’t know why it happens, and it goes away on its own after a month or two generally, so that’s ok… mine went away after about six weeks, so now i can see again! yay!

it was an odd six weeks, though – working at half the pace, giant fonts on my screen, no internetz that was not necessary, no reading, no subtitled movies and definitely no beading 🙂

now the only problem is trying to catch up on the work that i missed while struggling to read! but i’m almost caught up, another extra day this week and perhaps another weekend in a couple of weeks and i’ll be there. and so then back to my beading. i have so many ideas, and as my favourite local bead store has recently gone out of business, i also am stocked up on beautiful beads that are just sitting there, waiting, waiting, waiting 🙂


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