on my last few trips to melbourne, i have tried to fit in a visit to metropolis books. an awesome bookstore, sitting conveniently above one of my favourite bars. on a recent trip, it somehow became time to expand my already considerable collection of food and cooking books. we were both intrigued by the collection of paella recipes, released by alberto herraiz…

i love this book. a celebration of paella. after our trip through barcelona and madrid last year, i really become aware of the range of this dish, and the regional specialities that we encountered in just those two areas. this book brings back those memories, and makes me want to head straight back there to continue our journey.

this was our first attempt from this book. a fairly simple paella with chicken, seafood and beans. i had to rotate it across the two mid-sized burners on our stove top (now having gas inside! huzzah!), and didn’t quite manage to get every patch, leaving a slightly raw area in the middle. i then threw caution to the wind, and ruined my careful crust creation by slightly burning the base in the middle to help that area along. that’s ok, i learnt, and we could eat around it.

i’ve been meaning to make some more recipes over this summer, so i think i will try to fit some more in over the next few weeks. perhaps not immediately attempting the themed paella recipes, including meatballs, and new york style sausages.


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