in singapore!

so I am now on SSP and in singapore. such a beautiful place, and one that i am quite fond of. i have spent a reasonable amount of time in singapore over the past few years, but this visit is somewhat different – i’ll get to explore the city more, and not have to rush through everything as i have done on my previous visits.

i am here for my SSP visit to republic polytechnic (which, if you are interested, you can read about here, mostly learning and teaching ideas: ), but while i am here i have to eat, right?

and so eat i will do.

singapore is famed for its love of food – and shopping, but that is of less interest to me. i am very much looking forward to getting out of my usual restaurant areas to try new places, and already have some great recommendations from some friends. if you know of some good places, let me know 🙂

my first night was every reliable – shopping for the best in japanese import fruit for breakfast (this time persimmons) and guava juice, and then a late night visit to cafe iguana for a reposed margarita and the red snapper enchiladas. i know, not very singapore, right? but it is one of my favourites, and it was getting late 🙂

since then, it has been a combination of old and new – but both local. ancho pepper dusted calamari at brewworks with a half pint of their new white rabbit beer, and then bbq squid, jellyfish and razor clams at red house with tea. probably too much food for one day 🙂

yesterday i also had my first day at RP,  and discovered both their sports centre, and also their adventure centre. i’ll have to see whether i can find my way in, and burn off some of this food!

One Response to “in singapore!”
  1. Stani says:

    I am getting so excited!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait a whole month……….. 😦

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