a running tour of singapore…

so for some reason, every time i am in singapore, i feel like running. i think it is a combination of the warmth and humidity (i, and my lungs, hate running in the cold), and that i am frequently staying on the river in the quay areas. there is something beautiful about running alongside the water, and relaxing too – you don’t have to worry about traffic, stray dogs chasing you down the street, or strange men pretending to have heart attacks (a long story).

and at the time that i do go running, there are also very few other people about. so even though it is the quay district, and usually crowded, it is very pleasant. apparently, it is not just me, my new friend marian informed me at lunch yesterday that singapore is very popular for running, and that they had something like over 50,000 people at their last marathon. i don’t think i’ll be competing with them just yet 🙂

so i thought i would take some photos for you all, showing you the sights that keep me entertained while i am running. i took these shots a little later in the day (so as to not interrupt my run, and probably drop my phone in the river) so there are more people around, and the sun is a little brighter. But I am sure that you can imagine the difference.

this is the view pretty much at the start of my run, near robertson quay – a much quieter area, with a view of what is to come.

and this is just at the end of clarke quay – a fairly busy restaurant and pub area, and very different from the rest of singapore now that it has been completely renovated. you may notice a giant ship in the middle of the sky, supported by three towers. no, you are not imagining things, that is the newly opened casino and restaurant complex. you can get a better view of it later on in the run (as shown in the main image)

this is looking back at boat quay – yes, there is a reason i run on the other side of the river. boat quay is ok, but very touristy, and packed full of small restaurants with “asian” food in the generic sense. not worth eating at, and probably not worth walking through either.

one of my favourite things about running along this part of the river is the mix of old and new. like the fullerton hotel, the old bridges and the asian civilisations museum.

where just past this bridge, in esplanade park, you can see the durians (containing theatres, open air venues and restaurants and the singapore flyer.

once you get to the durians, you get a great view of the casino – there are some fabulous restaurants there, including tetsuya’s only other restaurant (i believe), so it may be worth a visit. and looking back you also get a great view of where you have just been, including the fullerton hotel, and the merlion – perhaps the most overrated of attractions in singapore. (you can see it – the small white statue, surrounded by many people).

at the end of the run is the racetrack – you are meant to be able to run through here, but every time i run down, it is closed for preparations for one festival or another. this time, it is CNY. very happy about that!

and then i run back. i didn’t bother taking any photos of the view on the way back. there are some interesting sites, but at this point, i am usually just thinking something along the lines of “hmm, do i have 4 or 5 bridges left to go”.


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