nom.. nom.. nom….

singapore. food. there’s not much else to it really – great food, of so many cultures, usually with some extra chilli in there somewhere.

i’ve had some great food while i’ve been here for my first week, and it is a good time of year to be here – CNY celebrations are happening in the chinatown areas, and everyone seems in a very festive mood. my first few nights i relied upon the local favourites that i have visited many times before – cafe iguana and brew works on the quay, along with trying out some new japanese beers!

my first saturday i was lucky enough to have lunch with a new friend just before he departed singapore. we want to Din Tai Fung at Raffles City – so, so tasty! the beef soup was amazing, and the dumplings were very light. almost like the soup dumplings that we have in adelaide. i’ll definitely be going back there, although i have to admit that i couldn’t make the whole way through my meal.

the next day i took a walk around the chinatown area, in full swing for CNY preparations. it was amazingly busy, queues down several blocks for slices of pork, and decorations everywhere. the year of the dragon was certainly making an impact on the CBD!

heading back to the quay area, i had to go across one of the overhead walkways to get to the other side of the road, as it was physically impossible to walk about the way that i had come. of course, that meant that i had to go past my favourite durian pancake stand. such a pity. my order is pretty well the same every time i go, one durian and one red bean paste.

one of the things i love about singapore is the combination of cultures, and the way that good food of any kind is appreciated. there seems to be quite a few belgian bars around, mostly around the quay and CBD areas but also elsewhere. the fruit beers are particularly popular, which makes sense as it suits the climate. the local microbreweries have also taken on fruit beers, including this one – a wild honey and red dragon fruit ale. looks like soft drink but tastes like beer!


of course, there is a tendency to spice things up a bit – this is great, not everything comes covered in chilli (which would be bad, for me at least) but there is always an option to make things just that little bit more tasty! i ordered a pizza the other night, and it came with a little bowl of crushed dried chilli as well as the usual extra cheese – so good.

yesterday i went down to Lau Pa Sat festival market for lunch – a very old style hawker centre (well, old style, once you see the new ones that have been built up over the past 5 or so years). very cool, huge range of food, and all looking tasty.

i had some great popiah and some crystal dumplings. of course, followed by some fruit on a stick. i love walking down singapore streets munching on some papaya or kiwifruit slices on a stick. i think it was probably the first thing i ate on my very first trip to singapore, maybe 10-12 years ago.


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