new beads!

so yesterday i went down to arab street and haji lane to visit my favourite bead store. i love this area, so many fun little designer stores, mixed right in with the old style rug stores and middle eastern restaurants.

one of the things that i love about haji lane is the way that they decorate their stores, particularly the ones that are up stairs. usually, very precarious stairwells that definitely need something to lure someone upstairs.

after a trip down haji lane, i usually grab some lunch at Cafe Le Caire while waiting for my bead store to open. it is very hard to resist the foul with either hummus or falafel, and a lime juice. this dish is awesome – beautiful rich, developed flavours topped with crispy fried onions. you must stop here on any trip to singapore!

while i was in my bead store, i got talking to the owner (i think she has seen me a few times), and she let me take some photos of the necklaces that she makes. i love looking at these as well as the raw product as i always get ideas for colour combinations and how to use some of the unusual pieces. they are not quite my style for everyday, but then they are pretty spectacular and designed for when you want to make a big impact. they also exhibit a lot of skill, combining many different techniques and they have to be robust to support the weight of the stones (always much more difficult than working in cotton thread, which you can do for lightweight crystals and plastic beads).

this photo shows some new stones that they have started stocking – raw cut blue agate. i managed to score myself a strand of these, which i think i will make into a fairly simple strand as they are pretty spectacularly beautiful on their own. i also picked up some gorgeous rough cut amber pieces and some lovely pendent pieces. can’t wait to get home now and start creating. i think i’ll use some of the amber as individual pendents with the rest as a larger piece with some heavy beading around them. in case you want to go visit, the name of the store is San Marco Collection 🙂

i always catch a cab out to arab street and then walk back. the walk is lovely, back along north bridge road, past much of the 1920s architecture still in singapore, through the colonial district and back down to the quay. i think my sister would really love this area, there are some great buildings, including park view square and the old supreme court (currently being renovated to a new art museum).

there are some really nice features on the building – but it is hard to get good shots (at least with your iPhone!). here are some to give you an idea.





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