inspiration from singapore – part 2

the first two pieces that i made after i returned from my trip were very simple, just testing that i remembered how to use my tools, and taking advantage of the natural beauty of the stones that i had available. but while i was away i designed some more elaborate pieces that tried to bring together some of the design elements that i had admired in some of the local designers from singapore and the US.

the two pieces that i finished last weekend are very different in style. one is very simple and understated while the other is somewhat over the top (for me), and complicated. but i’m not one to stick to one style, so that suited my work for the weekend.

this first piece combines many some beautiful green agate stones, with some jasper shards, malachite, jade and i think some aventurine that i picked up in singapore with some lovely glass beads and some jade columns that were gifts. i wanted to use the complicated section using shards to offset the larger beads, and the three glass beads were perfect to focus the asymmetrical nature of the necklace. i’ve worn it once already, and thankfully it is not as heavy as it looks 🙂

the second piece is a single strand of blue agate pieces combined with some blue glass work from my favourite bead store at home ™, which is sadly now closed. i like this piece as sometimes when you cluster everything together, you lose the beauty of the natural stones, and i think this is particularly true when dealing with small pieces of beautiful glass.

i’m having a lot of fun planning new projects now, particularly as i picked up some extra glass beads when i was in the US with my sister. i think next will be an exploration of colour – some fun.


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