inspiration from singapore

so now i am back home, after a couple of months in singapore, sydney, singapore again and then the US. i had a great time while i was away, and it was very useful for my work. the major problem that i had while i was away, however, was that i couldn’t do either of my most creative things: beading and cooking!

since i have been back (a couple of weeks now), i have been indulging as much as possible. i’ve wondered around our local fresh food markets, i’ve feasted on local seafood, and seasonal vegetables, and this last weekend, i finally had some time to work on some beading projects. i wanted to use some of the beads that i had purchased while away, and i also wanted to make some pieces that reflected some of the inspiring pieces that i had seen in singapore.

the first couple of pieces that i made were very simple, just wanted to get back used to using the tools, etc. my favourite bead store in singapore ™ featured some new bead strands on my last visit: rough cut pieces of blue and green agate, polished on the ends. they had used these in some large necklaces with lots of additional features, but i really wanted to do something fairly simple – just something that would show off the natural beauty of the stones. i was also conscious of the weight! these stones are pretty heavy by themselves!

so i simply made a single strange using these, and some small blue agate beads to keep them separate.


i also found some lovely pendant stones made from reconstituted amber. reconstituted amber is made from smaller pieces of amber, knitted together and formed into a mold. i quite like the look of these pieces, as they have more of the flecks that are so appealing, but of course they will not feature any insects, which actually suits me fine. they are also a lot cheaper than pure amber, which i also quite like, as it means i can play around with the pieces without stressing about the expense. so i made a couple of these into some simple pendants, just with a simple silver wire wrap. i have some more that i think i will use in a necklace, but i have to do some planning on that one.

i’ve also just signed us up for a new local farm box scheme – more to come on this one next week when we receive our first box. i’m so excited!


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