adventures with leftovers…

so it’s 2013… and i am now finished my study leave and back at work. one of the things that i noticed when i was on study leave was how hard it was to get into a routine and cook well – travelling around so much without my usual supplies and kitchen, and then when i was back at home, trying to see my friends and family and catching up with people. and then of course there is the holiday period, filled with parties and events.

and of course with many parties there are also any leftovers. so i decided to celebrate the new year by trying to combine what i could from the freezer into something fun.

first of all, some olive tapenade from the leftover olives, used in some bruschetta with leftover peperonata.



then, i crisped up some leftover pigs cheek and chorizo, with some stale breadcrumbs, and used that to top a pasta sauce made from leftover porchetta, with a little salsa verde, fresh tomato, a couple of prawns and some basil from the garden. perhaps a little chaotic, but very tasty 🙂


i’m hoping (well, actually planning) on this year being much more uncomplicated – less travel, more time with my friends and family, and more time just hanging around. last year was unusual, and an amazing opportunity but also quite tiring – it will good to change pace for awhile.


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