a weekend in the kitchen and at the bbq… part two

so while we were getting ready for our bbq adventure, with nick and realising that we would be spending the day in the kitchen, we decided to try some other new recipes. if you have been reading those posts you would know that i’ve been devoting some time to the art of baking. mostly bread, … Continue reading

a weekend in the kitchen and at the bbq… part one

with several family members and friends in the US, nick and i have spent quite a bit of time there over recent years. and one of the biggest attractions is the food of the deep south. pulled pork with north carolina bbq sauce… mmmm… since nick’s most recent visits we have been keen to try … Continue reading

back from a break…

so after a weeks holiday and then two weeks back at work, catching up on the work i missed while on holiday, i am back! we had a great time in melbourne, a lovely wedding, full of smiles and good thoughts, catching up with friends, and some great shopping. spent some time at a great … Continue reading