XO with smoky goodness!

I’ve been enjoying our new Yoder smoker, a fabulous all-day cooking adventure that leaves you with a small mountain of beautiful smoked meats for the freezer. We’ve been enjoying learning about some of the classic dishes – smoked ribs, pork belly, pork butt and beef short ribs.  But I wanted to try something new. While … Continue reading

adventures with leftovers…

so it’s 2013… and i am now finished my study leave and back at work. one of the things that i noticed when i was on study leave was how hard it was to get into a routine and cook well – travelling around so much without my usual supplies and kitchen, and then when … Continue reading

inspiration from singapore

so now i am back home, after a couple of months in singapore, sydney, singapore again and then the US. i had a great time while i was away, and it was very useful for my work. the major problem that i had while i was away, however, was that i couldn’t do either of … Continue reading

new beads!

so yesterday i went down to arab street and haji lane to visit my favourite bead store. i love this area, so many fun little designer stores, mixed right in with the old style rug stores and middle eastern restaurants. one of the things that i love about haji lane is the way that they … Continue reading

nom.. nom.. nom….

singapore. food. there’s not much else to it really – great food, of so many cultures, usually with some extra chilli in there somewhere. i’ve had some great food while i’ve been here for my first week, and it is a good time of year to be here – CNY celebrations are happening in the … Continue reading

in singapore!

so I am now on SSP and in singapore. such a beautiful place, and one that i am quite fond of. i have spent a reasonable amount of time in singapore over the past few years, but this visit is somewhat different – i’ll get to explore the city more, and not have to rush … Continue reading


on my last few trips to melbourne, i have tried to fit in a visit to metropolis books. an awesome bookstore, sitting conveniently above one of my favourite bars. on a recent trip, it somehow became time to expand my already considerable collection of food and cooking books. we were both intrigued by the collection … Continue reading

musings about family…

so today i worked from home. i love working from home when i get the chance; things usually take me half the time as they would at work, the phone rarely goes, and i get to skip out and do some of the boring chores that you hate to waste your weekend with. today i … Continue reading

a weekend in the kitchen and at the bbq… part two

so while we were getting ready for our bbq adventure, with nick and realising that we would be spending the day in the kitchen, we decided to try some other new recipes. if you have been reading those posts you would know that i’ve been devoting some time to the art of baking. mostly bread, … Continue reading

a weekend in the kitchen and at the bbq… part one

with several family members and friends in the US, nick and i have spent quite a bit of time there over recent years. and one of the biggest attractions is the food of the deep south. pulled pork with north carolina bbq sauce… mmmm… since nick’s most recent visits we have been keen to try … Continue reading