inspiration from singapore – part 2

the first two pieces that i made after i returned from my trip were very simple, just testing that i remembered how to use my tools, and taking advantage of the natural beauty of the stones that i had available. but while i was away i designed some more elaborate pieces that tried to bring … Continue reading

inspiration from singapore

so now i am back home, after a couple of months in singapore, sydney, singapore again and then the US. i had a great time while i was away, and it was very useful for my work. the major problem that i had while i was away, however, was that i couldn’t do either of … Continue reading

natural stones…

i have written before about my favourite beading store in singapore – lots of semi-precious and natural stones. as well as selling supplies, they also feature beautiful necklaces made by local artists using their materials. i find these very inspiring – they are often very complicated, large, feature pieces, with combinations of texture and materials … Continue reading

for my sister….

awww… actually, my sister and i have a great history of giving each other presents. we may miss a birthday or christmas, or even two, but when we do get together we generally find gifts that really suit eachother. i think we have quite a lot in common, but we also spent several years sharing … Continue reading

party time!

a good party is one that you look forward to for weeks, and then remember for weeks later; little moments and conversations floating to the surface of your memory at random times, making you smile and laugh. last weekend was a birthday party with some of my dearest friends and some lovely new people to meet. … Continue reading

a present for alicia…

last art day i spent some time working on a necklace for my friend alicia, maker of cupcakes, reader of zombie comics, and one of the strongest people that i know. alicia had previously commented on the colour combinations in the necklace i had made combining unakite and pink pearls. i initially thought to make something … Continue reading

a first attempt with wire…

art days are a great way to spend time on a weekend. it’s not just about the art – some keen friends gather together, we eat great food, drink good wine, and work, usually individually, but sometimes together on art projects. we all have different styles and mediums, some of us paint, some draw, some … Continue reading

when i discovered the beauty of glass

i had been working with semi-precious stones for a couple of years before i discovered the first glass beads that i loved. and things have just exploded from there: glass, metal, wire, fabric, wood, stone, shell, …   i love seeing how different textures and tones work together. this is a piece that reflects that … Continue reading

black and red…

after a few false starts, and quite a bit of dithering, i finally worked out why i was not happy with my earlier project plans. i think i had two (and maybe more) projects that i was trying to blend together. not working, obviously. i was also trying far too hard to use some particular … Continue reading

blue and white porcelain…

i have always loved the look of these style of beads, and came across some beautiful examples in, of all places, linz, austria. linz is an amazing town – quite small, but has a lot of hidden secrets. i imagine a lot of people visit for the cliched tourist attractions, the linzertorte, the danube – and … Continue reading