on my last few trips to melbourne, i have tried to fit in a visit to metropolis books. an awesome bookstore, sitting conveniently above one of my favourite bars. on a recent trip, it somehow became time to expand my already considerable collection of food and cooking books. we were both intrigued by the collection … Continue reading

starting a new year…

it is time to think about starting a new year. i wouldn’t normally put such an emphasis on this, except that the end of 2011 marks many changes for me. for the last three years, part of my work time has been allocated to a faculty learning and teaching position, where i have been working … Continue reading

a very, very quiet month…

so i haven’t been around much over the past month or two.. it’s been an odd couple of months, a little boring and a little frustrating, but mostly just quiet. about a month ago, i lost full sight in my left eye. quite strange. probably happened over a period of a week or so, but … Continue reading

for my sister….

awww… actually, my sister and i have a great history of giving each other presents. we may miss a birthday or christmas, or even two, but when we do get together we generally find gifts that really suit eachother. i think we have quite a lot in common, but we also spent several years sharing … Continue reading

musings about family…

so today i worked from home. i love working from home when i get the chance; things usually take me half the time as they would at work, the phone rarely goes, and i get to skip out and do some of the boring chores that you hate to waste your weekend with. today i … Continue reading

party time!

a good party is one that you look forward to for weeks, and then remember for weeks later; little moments and conversations floating to the surface of your memory at random times, making you smile and laugh.¬†last weekend was a birthday party with some of my dearest friends and some lovely new people to meet. … Continue reading

a weekend in the kitchen and at the bbq… part two

so while we were getting ready for our bbq adventure, with nick and realising that we would be spending the day in the kitchen, we decided to try some other new recipes. if you have been reading those posts you would know that i’ve been devoting some time to the art of baking. mostly bread, … Continue reading

a weekend in the kitchen and at the bbq… part one

with several family members and friends in the US, nick and i have spent quite a bit of time there over recent years. and one of the biggest attractions is the food of the deep south. pulled pork with north carolina bbq sauce… mmmm… since nick’s most recent visits we have been keen to try … Continue reading

a present for alicia…

last art day i spent some time working on a necklace for my friend alicia, maker of cupcakes, reader of zombie comics, and one of the strongest people that i know.¬†alicia had previously commented on the colour combinations in the necklace i had made combining unakite and pink pearls. i initially thought to make something … Continue reading

a first attempt with wire…

art days are a great way to spend time on a weekend. it’s not just about the art – some keen friends gather together, we eat great food, drink good wine, and work, usually individually, but sometimes together on art projects. we all have different styles and mediums, some of us paint, some draw, some … Continue reading