It’s not often that you discover a flavour combination that surprises you. Or a way of preparing ingredients where the final result is a revelation, but tonight we had some fun preparing mofongo with a seafood stew. The recipe is loosely based on this blog entry here from the Noshery, but I made a few changes. … Continue reading

XO with smoky goodness!

I’ve been enjoying our new Yoder smoker, a fabulous all-day cooking adventure that leaves you with a small mountain of beautiful smoked meats for the freezer. We’ve been enjoying learning about some of the classic dishes – smoked ribs, pork belly, pork butt and beef short ribs.  But I wanted to try something new. While … Continue reading

adventures with leftovers…

so it’s 2013… and i am now finished my study leave and back at work. one of the things that i noticed when i was on study leave was how hard it was to get into a routine and cook well – travelling around so much without my usual supplies and kitchen, and then when … Continue reading